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When I worked in management, we had a saying: Complain up, not out. We told our sales reps this over and over. If you have an issue, tell a supervisor who can listen, understand, and potentially make change happen. Do not complain to peers who will just listed and bring you down even more and worse, have no ability to do anything to fix the problem. I’ve preached this. I know this. So why is it so hard to take my burdens to the Lord instead of calling and complaining to friends who can’t do a thing to change my situation? Thank the Lord that he has placed people in my life to remind me of this when I forget. 

Today I was overwhelmed. So mad. Mad at a situation I have almost no control over. My husband caved and let my stepson’s mom have her way on something that, in my opinion, he shouldn’t have. It made me so mad. But what are my options, really? I could pick a fight with him. I could tell him all of the things I’ve said a 100 times before. Or I can find a way to deal with it. Even though it affects me, ultimately it is his decision and his situation. So I did what I shouldn’t have. I called everyone I thought might listen (and agree with me, of course). No one answered! I was mad and not one person I called answered. Until I decided to call a certain sweet friend. She answered and I unloaded on her. I told her my issue and cried and felt so sorry for myself. And do you know what she told me? Well first off, she is a sweet person so she was genuinely sorry for my grief. But she told me what I already knew. Take it to the Lord. Complain up! When you have to send your child off with someone who is not a good care taker, it is such a burden on your heart. But she told me that every time I thought about it, I should pray about it. And she reminded me that even though I cannot be with my stepson, God is always with him. She reminded me to trust that and pray every time it crossed my mind. How thankful am I for a friend like that.

Most times when God works in your life and in your heart, it isn’t pleasant. It hurts. It requires we look outside of ourselves and look to Him for refuge, peace, and guidance. I know God is working in my heart through this storm.