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As I was doing my reading for my ladies bible study group, I felt overwhelmed with conviction. Acts 9 is such a perfect picture of God’s sovereignty. Saul is not someone I would pick to use to build the church. He was an enemy of the church. He committed so many horrible acts trying to destroy God’s church from the start. And then God, in his sovereignty, chooses him. He told his disciples to accept Saul. When they questioned God, he told them to trust in His authority and not question his reasoning.

How hard is that! How many times does God direct our paths or stir in our hearts to do something and we hesitate. We question. We argue. It is so hard to simply trust. But because we know the character of God, we know he is goodness and faithfulness. We know his plans for us are for the advancement of his kingdom. So whatever he asks of us is for good. We may suffer. Things will likely not be a walk in the park. But if God asks it of us, we know it is good. That’s incredibly hard to accept when God’s plan doesn’t align with our selfish desires. Or when God gives so much grace to someone we don’t feel deserves it. But it’s a humbling reminder and I was so thankful for the timing of it.

Thank God He gives so much grace! Thank God He forgives over and over again. Because where would I be if he didn’t? Only by the grace of God am I not struggling with the same sin as someone else. Only by His grace do I resist any temptation at all. Surely I know it is not of anything I can do for myself. I am weak against sin and temptation. The Holy Spirit is my only refuge. Praise God for his grace and mercy. Amen.